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Frequently asked questions

The 4G signal indicator

RED - weak 4G signal
GREEN - moderate 4G signal
BLUE - strong 4G signal

The NET indicator
Solid BLUE - Established network connection

Solid RED - No network connection. Ensure strong 4G signal.

Flashing quickly RED/BLUE - No SIM card detected. Insert SIM card. Clean metal connectors on SIM card

Flashing slow RED/BLUE - No network connection. Ensure 4G connection. Top up the SIM card.

The indicators are turned off

To save power, the indicator automatically turns off after a period of time. Can be activated by any operation on the mobile APP

The indicators may be turned off in the app. You can change to ON in the app menue "Device settings -> LED Indicator"

If the indicators are turned off when starting the device, the batteries are empty.

There is no connection when using my local SIM-card ->->-> When a local SIM-card is used, the SIM cards has to be activated in a mobile phone and the SIM code has to be 0000. The camera often need 1-2 minutes to establish the first connection. Only a limited number of local carriers are fully functional. If you are having problems, kindly use the enclosed EIOT SIM-card.

The camera consumes a lot of power when (1) extensive streaming (2) the PIR interval is too short (3) the PIR sensitivity is high (4) two way mode is enabled (4) high number of objects (animals etc) are detected

The recommendation is to buy the external battery cable and connect a 12 volt car battery

You find the detailed manual here Hunteq TM2 manual